We make it easy for residents to pickup after their pets!


Dog waste stations provide an accessible hub for cleanup and disposal of dog waste at multi-family communities. Dog owners know the struggle of dog waste in the yard or at the park. We offer a proven solution for use in all dog-friendly areas throughout your community in concert with Valet Trash Services. We can provide Pet Stations, Bags & Pick Up Service for Your Property.

  • Multi-family communities can stay current with the trend of providing dog-friendly areas for residents without the added stress of unwanted pet waste.

  • Reduce the unpleasant complaints dealing with dog waste by your community with Pet Station Dispensers.

  • Pet Stations are highly used in apartment and condominium communities and promotes the dog owners’ duty to pick up after their pets to help keep their home areas clean.

  • Most renters/condo dwellers prefer dog-friendly communities, and the presence of poo stations will help keep grounds clean and free from dog waste, which will help to improve your rental rates and keep occupancy higher.

  • We'll coach Maintenance through the Installation of the Pet Station, if needed.