Great Mobile Apps for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

The smartphone revolution is changing the way professionals in nearly every field change they way they work, and the commercial real estate sector is no different. In fact, given the constant on-the-road nature of the real estate business, professional realtors, estate agents, brokers, and landlords have been some of the professionals who have benefited the most from the increased efficiency possible through clever usage of smartphone apps.

Like people in many fields, real estate professionals can make their lives incredibly easier through the use of note apps like Evernote, cloud storage services like Dropbox, and communication apps like Skype. However, there are also some indispensable apps which have been designed specifically for the real estate industry.

The News Funnel app is the one-stop shop for all the commercial real estate news in the United States, and beyond. This app, unlike some of the other real estate apps out there, is available completely free. While real estate pros would certainly pay money for great apps, potential app developers can consider making their apps much more widely available through mobile monetization techniques, like offering in-app advertising. Hopefully, using these monetization techniques, even more fantastic apps can be brought to market and used by real estate professionals everywhere.

Other commercial real estate apps worth having include GoConnect, which is a mobile real estate business management tool. With this app, real estate agents can easily keep track of all their current negotiations, meetings, and more. Combine this app with DocuSign, where you can upload and encrypt documents for you and your clients to sign, and you can make your life much easier.

And if you want to make negotiations and business quicker and easier, you have to get dotloop, which is an open forum which allows for negotiations and business to be conducted more smoothly. With transaction and wait times for deal closures reduced by 40%, your business gets much easier.