Everybody is Settled-in & Back-To-School - Plan an Ice Breaker Party -- Resident First Focus

The Busy Move-in Season is Just about over,..its time for you Resident to get to know their Neighbors,..! If you are throwing 100 random people together and hoping they are suddenly going to become fast friends, you are going to have a hard time!  So we found a great way to get people to get to know each other!

With this version of BINGO, however, there is no one at the front of the room reading out ping pong balls.  Instead, residents get a card with a list of traits and interests, and then try to find other residents who have those specific traits.  Just like in BINGO, they try to fill in squares to form lines up and down, left and right, or diagonally.  For example, if a resident finds a neighbor who is a vegetarian, they can put that person's name in the box of being a vegetarian. 



You might consider a time limit if you want the game to progress more quickly, or also let the game meander through the party with no time limit.  If it is the latter, you might give a Speed Prize for the first two people who complete a ‘Bingo’ line of five traits in a row.  Allowing two prize winners allows everyone to keep trying without dragging the process out too long.  The ‘Winners’ need to be able to repeat their new friend’s name and their unique Bingo square quirk.  Even cuter would be to have the prizes be something like the Mints ‘Ice Breakers’.


1) Can put a person's name down only once per card, even if multiple things apply, unless you have a smaller group.

2) After the first person wins, the game keeps going for 2nd place, 3rd place, etc.

Simple start up games like this give everyone a spring board to begin that awkward first conversation, and something else to do besides holding a drink and speaking to the same people they already know. Bring everyone out of silence!  

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