Breakfast On The Go! -- Resident First Focus

Happy Valentines day from National! Breakfast on the go is a great opportunity to provide a treat for residents on their way to work in the morning. 6-8am is a good time to host the event as you will stand at the entrance of your community. If you have 2 entrances, you can split up or get a volunteer to help each of you. There should be someone at each entrance. If you have several entrances on your property, specify on your fliers where you will be.

Depending on the number of entrances you will be serving, each person will need a large basket holding their items. Do not just bring grocery bags full of the original boxes of food; you will want to arrange the items in a basket for a nicer appearance. Arrange granola bars (peanut free), bananas, and apples in the basket. Be creative if you would like to substitute with other items such as individually wrapped donuts, pastries, mini-muffins, etc. FEWER OPTIONS will make it much easier for them to decide what to choose, and will keep the line of cars moving quickly!

Position yourself in a safe place near the entrance/exit. Depending on the space, you can have a small table set up with your basket of goodies on it, or you can fold the basket of goodies to show the residents. Offer a big smile, and wave to each resident, telling them who you are and would like to offer a free breakfast treat for them. Hand them their choice of items through their window.

If you have additional budget money, have a cooler of juice bottles as well.

You might have skeptical residents who think you are selling something unless they recognize you as being from the community. Make a sign using poster board, or get a poster-sized printout of your flier to display next to you.

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