Happy Cinco de Mayo From National DoorStep-- Resident First Focus

To set the tone, make mini pinata invitations which the guests had to pull apart to get the information inside. And to set the mood even more, when the residents arrived at our clubhouse, they could choose from a paper flower headband or a small sombrero to wear for the night.

Make some fringed streamers using tissue paper and string them up on twine over the dining room table to bring in more of the fiesta feel. Use the same streamers on the drinks table and over the taco bar to tie it all together. We made some tissue paper flowers and designed some party printables to use as placecards and to make napkin rings. Maybe even re-use the bean cans as vases to bring in more color on the table.

On the drinks table, we had strawberry agua fresca, beers and margaritas. Serve chips and three different kinds of salsa for an appetizer. For the main course, set up a taco bar with all of the fixings so that guests can choose for themselves what they wanted on their tacos.

Finally, for the dessert table, use the leftover tissue paper again to make rosettes to hang on the wall behind it. Then Cover dresser with a hot pink tablecloth and used terra cotta pots and saucers to make a mexican style cupcake stand. On the stand were the yummiest margarita cupcakes!  Include a tres leches trifle and lay out some chocolate balls.

And there you have a fun night! The colors and the theme really the community to feel like we were in warmer climates, even if it was for just a few hours.

Credit: Ann Hernandez, a National DoorStep Pickup Property Manager

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