National Doorstep's Winning Strategy: Relationships, Thoroughness & Reliability

Tampa, FL, April 4, 2016 (Newswire) – National Doorstep’s mission statement is very straight forward. “To Understand, Determine, and Deliver the Service Customers want. Doing so with the highest level of Workmanship and Professionalism while maintaining an Elevated level of Commitment”. That is what National Doorstep is all about. Communities come to National Doorstep for valet trash service, for relationships, thoroughness & reliability. There is a bigger picture behind National’s Resident First Focus. National Doorstep places utmost value on relationships with Owners, Property Managers and of course Residents.

Owners & Property Managers expect National Doorstep to provide the highest quality Valet Trash service with keen attention to detail. Property managers and maintenance Staff are where the “rubber meets the road” at the communities National Doorstep serves. National Doorstep understands that the plight of property managers and maintenance staff fully. The day to day management of a community can be exhaustive. Countless fires to put out, numerous service tickets to attend to, in an effort to keep resident satisfaction high. National considers themselves an extension of the Maintenance staff so interdependence is critical for success.  Standard protocol includes quality checks and open lines of communication.  Goal and focus is to operate on site as professionally as possible while providing detailed notes of every nightly porter. National wants to demonstrate a high level of commitment every night. Should the unforeseen occur at communities, local leadership knows that when they reach out to National, they will reach a hearing ear that is offering solution based listening. This partnership leads to significant NOI.  Most of our communities earn on average $60+ per unit per year.

 From a resident standpoint, National becomes a fabric of the community. Residents depend on us to touch every door, every night. National provides sturdy dependability coupled with thoroughness. Sunday – Thursday, porters start pick up at 8PM at a specific building and seeing porters around that time night after night is common place.  Frequently porters have interaction with residents and often times fulfill their boutique needs at the porter level that never needs to reach the office. National fosters porter loyalty, retention and longevity within system. | 844-APT-TRASH